Tydskrif vir Letterkunde 46 (1)



01 Kongo in die literatuur
Congo in the literature
Luc Renders & Henriette Roos

Remembering colonial violence: Inter/textual strategies of Congolese authors
Susanne Gehrmann

03 Legitimizing the invented Congolese space: The gaze from within in early Congolese fiction
Kasongo M. Kapanga
04 Modernity and the Belgian Congo
Pierre-Philippe Fraiture
05 The sins of the fathers: The missionary in some modern English novels
about the Congo

Henriette Roos
06 Leopard-men of the Congo in literature and popular imagination
Vicky van Bockhaven
07 The Congo as topos of dystopic transgression in fin-de-siècle literature
Sarah De Mul
08 In black and white: a bird’s eye overview of Flemish prose on the Congo
Luc Renders
09 Congo, de missie en de literatuur: Over David van Reybrouck,
J. G. Schoup en Amaat Vyncke

Jacqueline Bel
10 In loco parentis: The adoption plot in Dutch-language colonial children’s

Elisabeth Wesseling
11 ‘Koloniseren is een smaak die je moet leren.’ Hugo Claus en Het leven
en de werken van Leopold II

Yves T’Sjoen
12 In search of adventure: Ladislav Mikeš Parízek, a Czech in the Congo
Martina Vitácková
13 Perception of the relationship France–Africa by André Gide and
Camara Laye

Anny Wynchank
14 Culture and social environment in the pre-colonial era
Mbulelo Vizikhungo Mzamane
15 The intersection of experience, imaginative writing and meaning making
in Es’kia Mphahlele

Lesibana Rafapa
16 Es’kia Mphahlele remembered
Peter N. Thuynsma
17 Noni Jabavu: a peripatetic writer ahead of her times
Makhosazana Xaba
18 George Weideman (1947–2008)
Wium van Zyl
19 Resensies / Reviews