Tydskrif vir Letterkunde 45 (1)



01 Africa’s variety of Arabo-Islamic Literatures – an overview
Muhammed Haron

Reconciling Arabo-Islamic culture and feminist consciousness in North African women’s writing: Silence and voice in the short stories of Alifa Rifaat
and Assia Djebar

Naomi Nkealah

03 The dialectics of homeland and identity: Reconstructing Africa in the poetry of Langston Hughes and Mohamed Al-Fayturi
Saddik M. Gohar
04 The metaphor of the dog in Arabic Literature
Yasien Mohamed
05 Oriental Africa
Hester du Plessis
06 Selected Sufi texts of Shaykh Yusuf: Translations and commentaries
Mustapha Keraan & Muhammed Haron
07 Arabic-Afrikaans Literature at the Cape
Suleman Essop Dangor
08 The use of the Arabic script in northern Mozambique
Liazzat J. K. Bonate
09 Towards a conceptualization of the study of Africa’s indigenous manuscript heritage and tradition
Mary Minicka
10 Identity and rediscovery
Andries Visagie interviews Marita van der Vyver
and Ingrid Winterbach
11 Huldeblyk aan Elize
H. J. Pieterse
11 Met Elisabeth Eybers (1915–2007) is een fenomenale dichteres heengegaan
Hans Ester
11 Vier gedigte vir Elisabeth Eybers (1915–2007)
Joan Hambidge
11 “tintelend oningekring”: Elisabeth Eybers 26 Februarie 1915–1 Desember 2007
Ena Jansen